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Túžba meniť svet k lepšiemu je v každom z nás. Stavebníctvo je jednou z možností, ako tento sen naplniť. Stavba je komplexné dielo nielen z pohľadu architektúry, konštrukčných systémov, ale vnímame ju ako podnikateľský projekt. Je potrebné ju naplánovať, realizovať, predať a nájsť vhodný spôsob užívania. Príď k nám študovať a toto všetko ťa naučíme. Postav si s nami svoju úspešnú budúcnosť!

Center for Research and Innovation in Construction

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Center for Research and Innovation in Construction

Head of CRIC

Ing. Peter SABOL, PhD.

602 4323


Research Staff:


Ing. Tomáš BAROŠ, PhD.

602 4288


Ing. Silvia BIZOŇOVÁ, PHD.

Ing. Daniel DUBECKÝ, PhD.

602 3346

Ing. Rastislav FIJKO, PhD.

602 4154


Ing. Patrik NAGY, PhD.

602 4154


Ing. Peter OROLÍN, PhD.

602 4292


The CRIC portfolio is designed to address technologies that make environmentally friendly, more efficient and economical constructions. The Center is an integrated workplace providing experimental research in all areas in which the faculty has accredited study programs, testing of building materials, elements, structures and technologies. Center of Research and Innovation in Construction is an organizational unit of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, which mainly ensures the implementation of basic and applied research for all areas covered in the accredited study programs of the faculty. Other activities are focused on supporting the pedagogical process and economic activities. Scientific research process supported by trained staff using modern technical equipment. In the field of civil engineering, CRIC offers a wide range of works and professional activities, and also works closely with the Institute of Forensic Expertise of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Standard activities coveverd by CRIC include laboratory verification of materials and components, also in situ testing of structures and other specific practice requirements. On the work area, more than 1000 m2 beside of typical devices like concrete and steel testing machine, a digital (Inductive sensors  and strain gauges) and optical (non-contact 3D photogrammetry) measure equipment,  in the CRIC are placed 6 loading frames with capacity 630 kN on 12 m long testing area. Three Overhead Bridge Cranes with capacity 8 tons can by used for operation at work area. Static or dynamic, pressure or tension loading is generated by actuators INOVA with force capacity ± 160, ± 250, ± 400 a ± 630 kN and actuators INSTRON with force capacity ± 2500 kN powered by hydroaggregates. In the CRIC can be found also Tensegrity cells  an  protypes of adaptive structures. CRIC's technical and technological equipment is constantly being updated, therefore opportunities for research and economic activity are constantly expanding into several industrie fields. In addition to the already mentioned goals of CRIC, this institution used for pedagogical and promotional activities of the Faculty of Civil Engineering such as teaching, practical demonstrations of exams and experiments, excursions for secondary schools and partners from practice.