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Túžba meniť svet k lepšiemu je v každom z nás. Stavebníctvo je jednou z možností, ako tento sen naplniť. Stavba je komplexné dielo nielen z pohľadu architektúry, konštrukčných systémov, ale vnímame ju ako podnikateľský projekt. Je potrebné ju naplánovať, realizovať, predať a nájsť vhodný spôsob užívania. Príď k nám študovať a toto všetko ťa naučíme. Postav si s nami svoju úspešnú budúcnosť!

Department of Geotechnics and Transportation Engineering

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Department of Geotechnics and Transportation Engineering


doc. Ing. Slávka HARABINOVÁ, PhD. 602 4178 309
doc. Ing. Ján MANDULA, CSc. 602 4193 348
doc. Ing. Eva PANULINOVÁ, PhD. 602 4268 346
doc. Ing. Brigita SALAIOVÁ, PhD. 602 4267 347



Pedagogical activity

The department provides teaching of professional subjects in the field of transport engineering and geotechnics in the study field of Civil Engineering. The department is a workplace where doctoral studies are carried out in the study programme Theory and Design of Civil Engineering Structures.


Scientific research activity

Scientific research activity is oriented on solving scientific problems of transport planning, road and railway construction, geotechnics and foundations, assessment of transport constructions from the point of view of their impact on the environment. The activity is carried out by means of scientific domestic and international projects of basic research, applied research and solving actual problems for practice. In the experimental field, research focuses on obtaining traffic characteristics of roads, the use of industrial by-products and other wastes in roadway construction layers, diagnostics of roadway and subgrade construction, and quantification and assessment of traffic noise. Members of the department are involved in the preparation of studies, expertise and the provision of expert advice, training and consultancy in the field of traffic engineering and geotechnical engineering.


Offer of services and activities for practice

1. Analysis of the traffic situation

  • Monitoring - surveys of car, public, pedestrian, cycling and static traffic
  • Traffic-sociological surveys
  • Assessment of the transport system
  • Assessment of the negative effects of traffic

2. Traffic-engineering designing

  • Traffic-engineering documentation - capacity calculations, traffic solutions for the Master Plan, traffic generals
  • Designing of roads, traffic-engineering documents
  • Design and assessment of roadway structures
  • Design of railway lines, stations and sidings
  • Design and assessment of subgrade
  • Noise and emission studies
  • Design of noise protection measures
  • Economic efficiency of transport structures
  • EIA studies (Intention, Assessment Report)
  • Multi-criteria evaluation of transport structures

3. Measurement of characteristics of pavements and subgrade structures

  • Dynamic modulus of elasticity of subgrade and individual layers
  • Modulus of elasticity, modulus of deformation, modulus of reaction
  • Surface properties of pavements
  • Pavement roughness
  • Acoustic properties of pavement surfaces
  • Temperature of rails

4. Testing of road construction materials

  • Basic and supplementary technical requirements for aggregates and asphalts for road purposes
  • Assessment of the suitability of local, waste and recycled materials for use in roadway and sub-base construction layers
  • Design and assessment of bituminous and cement stabilized mixtures
  • Determination of fatigue properties of asphalt mixtures

5. Expert opinions

6. Provision of vocational training, retraining courses and consultancy



  • Oedometer
  • Atterberg apparatus
  • Laboratory dryer
  • Fine balance with bowl
  • Engler viscometer
  • Freezer
  • Freezer box
  • Marshall press
  • Marshall beater
  • Distillation apparatus
  • Hammer drum
  • LPZE sieving machine
  • Water bath
  • Penetrometer
  • Softening point KG
  • FRASS breaking point
  • Impression Depth Meter
  • Pycnometer
  • Heated asphalt mixer
  • Ductilometer
  • Compactor
  • Extractor
  • Tracks scarifier
  • Thermal conductivity meter
  • 4PB and ITF asphalt materials stiffness and fatigue monitoring instruments
  • Climatic chamber -15 ~ 60 °C
  • Leveling apparatus
  • Theodolite
  • Wheel for measuring lengths
  • Inclinometer
  • Gauge
  • Rail thermometer
  • SIERZEGA radar
  • Pendulum for anti-slip properties
  • Stopwatch
  • Lightweight dynamic plate
  • Static load plate
  • Core drill
  • Noise Meter
  • Vibration measuring instrument


Software equipment

  • RoadPac
  • InRails
  • PTV Visum
  • PTV Vissim
  • AutoCAD
  • Civil 3D
  • BricsCAD
  • PosKriz
  • Laymed
  • Alize-Lcpc
  • VPodloz
  • Noise+
  • GEO 5



  • Assessment and preliminary proposal for the exclusion of unwanted traffic from the TUKE campus
  • Proof test for gravel layer and stabilization mixture, for MEZ a.s. Michalovce
  • Impact of the Betox operation on the noise situation in the village of Čaňa
  • Determination of properties of construction mixtures with R - material, for VUIS-CESTY s.r.o. Bratislava
  • Solution for the use of aggregate from the 5th stage of Maglovec quarry, for IS-LOM, s.r.o. Maglovec
  • Assessment of noise conditions in the Vyšné Opátske district, for Vyšné Opátske
  • Assessment of the properties of blast furnace slag for use in the road base layer, for IS, a.s. Košice
  • Design of subgrade improvement, for Krypton s.r.o. Poprad
  • Measurement of unevenness and passporting of pavement defects of experimental sections, for IS, a.s. Košice
  • Measurement of noise from tram traffic on the territory of the city of Košice, for DPMK, a.s. Košice
  • Impact of building materials and structures on quality of life, for IS, a.s. Košice
  • Directional traffic survey of car traffic in Košice
  • Recycling base Barca. Noise study, for Koľajové a dopravné stavby, a.s. Košice
  • KIA-MS, relocation of road II/583, Traffic engineering documents, for ISPO spol. s r.o. Prešov
  • Analysis of acoustic properties of asphalt concrete pavements
  • Pavement design analysis - KIA Teplička nad Váhom - container area for siding
  • Research of traffic characteristics of the I/79 Dvorianky road, crossing, for Dopravoprojekt, a.s.
  • Expert assessment of the pavement structure of the construction „Košice-Krásna, residential zone of 31 houses“
  • Expert assessment of asphaltic concrete pavements in the area of the SSM Minioceliarne in Strážsko
  • Expert assessment of cement concrete pavements in the area of the SSM Minioceliarne in Strážske
  • Basis for updating the regulations on the determination of road traffic noise levels and permissible hygiene limits, SSC Bratislava
  • Profile survey of road transport, NDS, a.s. Bratislava
  • Expert assessment of the cement concrete pavement of the supply road in the MINEBEA area
  • Expert assessment of asphalt concrete pavement of internal roads and paved areas in the IMMOPARK complex in Košice
  • Opinion on the traffic connection of the upcoming investment - construction of OC FRESH Pluse
  • Expert assessment of asphalt mixtures. KSK Roads Administration, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • Reconstruction of the ice rink in Prešov. Design and traffic-capacity assessment of the traffic connection
  • Waste treatment by mobile plant in Rožkovany. Noise study