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Dean's message

Túžba meniť svet k lepšiemu je v každom z nás. Stavebníctvo je jednou z možností, ako tento sen naplniť. Stavba je komplexné dielo nielen z pohľadu architektúry, konštrukčných systémov, ale vnímame ju ako podnikateľský projekt. Je potrebné ju naplánovať, realizovať, predať a nájsť vhodný spôsob užívania. Príď k nám študovať a toto všetko ťa naučíme. Postav si s nami svoju úspešnú budúcnosť!

Why study with us


The Faculty of Civil Engineering of TUKE strives to create an ideal environment for your career and personal growth. Our successful graduates are a clear example that we are able to realize this. See what they say about the Faculty of Civil Engineering and what advice they have for a successful career.

Don't wait for the "right" opportunity. Each of you has the potential to do great things. Don't fall in the crowd, just because society doesn't expect big things from you. Step out of the crowd and discover what's inside you.

Matúš HARČÁR, student personality of Slovakia, successful graduate

category: Construction, architecture


"Don't be the one who sees obstacles in place of opportunities". The world around us is full of opportunities and it is up to us whether we can take advantage of them. Studying at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at TUKE gave me two most important skills. The first is to see these opportunities and the second, equally important, is to be able to take advantage of these opportunities and make the most of them.

Pavol KALEJA, Start-up Vizualizačky


"Create value for people and you will always succeed. My engineering studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at TUKE provided me with an ideal platform for personal development in the construction industry. The professionalism of the teachers, regular feedback, their positive but also critical attitude pushed me in my professional growth. As a result, my personal and professional identity developed, which I want to present in the professional sphere."

MATÚŠ TKÁČ, successful graduate



The basis for a successful future is quality preparation, theoretical knowledge and connection with practice. The employment of our graduates in the labor market is the best among the civil engineering faculties operating in Slovakia.

Up to 89.5% of our graduates find employment within one year in the construction sector.




Working in the construction industry requires a dose of creativity. Designing and implementing magnificent construction works is the challenge of every civil engineer. To enable you to create and realize yourself during your studies, the Faculty of Civil Engineering TUKE offers you renovated premises where your lessons will take place or where you can spend your free time.



The time spent at college is one of the most beautiful and fun times in young people's lives. Experience the fun with us. Upon successful admission to our faculty we will invite you to enroll in the first year, which is not boring with us. You don't need a suit, fancy pumps or a handbag to enroll. We'll start right away with a picnic, where you'll get to know your future classmates, as well as the teachers and the environment.


In the first semester, you'll attend a matriculation ceremony. Lukáš Adamec was at the last one. Ask our students how fun it was.

A varied student life awaits you throughout your studies, with room for relaxation. Events such as "Jedlička, MayDay, balloon fiesta" and others are familiar to all our students.



The Faculty of Civil Engineering works closely with practice and companies that are among the largest and best in the construction industry. As a student of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at TUKE you will have the opportunity to intern in a construction company already during your studies. You can do your final thesis on a real project, your consultant can also be an expert from a specific construction company. During your studies you will have field trips where you will be able to see "theory in practice".



The Faculty of Civil Engineering TUKE strives to develop students' talents through several competitions organized at the Faculty. As a high school student, you have the opportunity to participate in the ConstruCom competition organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering TUKE. We are also happy to support you in competitions organized by other institutions, not only with material support, but especially with mentoring by experienced and helpful teachers.



Košice is one of the most beautiful cities in Slovakia. Here you will find space for education (libraries, courses, lectures), sports (directly the possibility to play sports at TUKE), culture (cinemas, theatre), but also boundless possibilities for entertainment. You don't have to see Košice, you have to experience Košice and student life there.



The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Technical University of Košice was founded in 1977. Over 46 years of its operation, more than 9 000 graduates have left its gates, working in various positions as successful designers, construction managers, general managers, scientific researchers and teachers.



The laboratories at the Faculty of Civil Engineering TUKE are among the best in the world. As a student, you can also use these laboratories for assignments and final theses. If you are also interested in research, you have the ideal conditions to participate in various projects and thus help in the field of science and research. As a student, you can also realize your business ideas, start-ups and innovations. We will support you in this.



Experience and a friendly approach is what you can expect at the Faculty of Civil Engineering TUKE. We offer you a symbiosis of young energetic people applying innovative teaching methods and a wealth of expertise guaranteed by experienced teachers. Combined with modern technology, software equipment and proactive approach to students, it is a guarantee that university will be an unforgettable unforgettable journey to success for you. Proof of our being proactive and full of energy to welcome you to our faculty and pass on positive energy to you is the following video, where you can see us in action at a sports day organized by the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering TUKE.



The desire to change the world for the better is in all of us. Construction is one way to make this dream come true. Construction is a complex work not only from the point of view of architecture, construction systems, but we also perceive it as a business project. It needs to be planned, implemented, sold and found a suitable way of use. Come and study with us and we will teach you all this. Build your successful future with us!